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Dog training group class

We have temporarily suspended public group dog training. If you have a group of seven or more handler / dog teams who are interested in group training we can customize a group training program for you.

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Andrew Ledford and assistant instructors

Group dog training consists of the basic obedience commands, and also includes simple problem solving, principles of learning theory and patterns of canine behavior.

Group classes will teach you how to get your dog to perform basic commands;

  • "Heel" to walk on a loose leash
  • "Down/ Down Stay"
  • "Sit/Sit Stay"
  • Recall - to come when called
  • respond to "No"
  • respond to "Good""

Group dog training classes in Fountain Valley will be kept to about 12 owner/dog teams. Most group dog training classes in Corona will be a little smaller. We anticipate the Corona classes to be around eight owner/dog teams. Eight to twelve students give the average dog and owner a stimulating learning environment and allows for personal contact with the instructors.

Group classes can be very effective for teaching many dogs, but not the ideal place for every dog. Aggressive untrained dogs are not allowed into group classes. Group classes are not always the best way to solve behavior problems. We will cover simple solutions to solve the most common behavior problems. Such as digging, jumping, play biting, and housebreaking.

The first class is basic pet parent leadership and communication skills 101. while lesson one is for the human side of the team, your pet still gets to attend the first day of school. On the first day of school pet parents will learn the basics of educating their four legged children. You will discover effective and fun learning games that will enhance your pet's ability to develop good behavior.

The first class is when individuals in the group learn useful, but often difficult to master skills such as effective leash handling. It's during this orientation that we will show you how to properly use the leash to control your dog. You will also learn practical drills to improve your timing, and techniques for good communication.

Our group dog training class will give you proven, practical information you can begin to use immediately and continue to use throughout you dog's life.

We provide companion pet dog training and owner education in Southern California.

Group dog training classes are a good way to learn the basic obedience exercises. We also cover simple problem solving and housebreaking - potty training. Call for more information about the group dog training plans we offer.

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You also get my practical copyright© protected support material that is exclusive to our Training Systems

  1. Non-conflicting commands for consistent, practical, and effective communication
  2. Enhanced Friends RenChenZa® membership in our new RenChenZa® website.
    The Enhanced membership includes the
    A. Concepts In Dog Behavior® dog obedience training video
    B. Special message boards for Friends RenChenZa®
    C. special online group for class members
  3. List of equipment

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